Why Adminja?

Virtual Assistants are our priority, not an afterthought.

Adminja herds all of your LeadsClients, Tasks, Time and Billing
into one, safe, central location..

Always know where you stand

One subscription lets you manage the key aspects of your Virtual Assistant Business.

Projects Not Required

Adminja doesn't force you to set up monthly projects just to log time or manage tasks.

Billing Built for VAs

Auto-renewing billing plans, 3-click invoicing and more: Adminja was built with a Virtual Assistant's needs in mind.

Tasks & Projects

Visually organize your tasks and projects

Dive into the weeds or review everything on your plate at once. Adminja's task boards make it easy to review, plan, and execute. 

Task Budgets keep you on track

Stop losing money eating overages!  Adminja's Task Budgets give will let you know when you are getting close to the limit . 

Scheduled & Recurring Tasks keep your workflow humming.

Set it and forget it!  Automate your workflow by scheduling common tasks and multi-step procedures to repeat on a regular basis.

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Intuitive Time Tracking

Adminja is the easiest way to track, manage, and report on your time without pulling out your hair.

Integrated Multi-timer

Start your timers with a single click, quickly switch between them, or hand-off to another device without skipping a beat. 

Persistent Status

With Client Summaries and Snapshots you'll never be at a loss when your client checks in for a status update.

Time Reporting

Filter, export and print time reports for your tasks, team members, & clients in a variety of formats.

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Client Detail Boards

A place to store and organize ALL of those critical bits of information.

Notes, people, bookmarks, files and more!

Client Detail Boards provide the ideal canvas for organizing and recalling all of your critical client details

Everything available at a glance

Easily rearrange your client details into an organizing pattern that works for you and never be at a loss when you need to reference a detail.

Color-coded topics and cards make it easy to prioritize, group, and locate anything

When crafting your client's note boards, flag cards and groups with color to make it even easier to find things later.

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Billing designed for Virtual Assistants
It doesn't get any easier than this.

Auto-renewing Billing Periods

Billing Periods automatically renew on a predefined schedule to manage everything that happens during a client's billing cycle.

Time logged, plans renewed, invoices sent and payments received: Billing Periods keep it all at your fingertips.

Adjust plans on the fly

Need to make a change to your client's plan allotment? No problem! Adjusting a plan, hourly rates, or adding charges and credits in the middle of a billing cycle is easy!

3-Click Invoicing

Quickly prepare and send Invoices directly to your clients. Adminja can even Include a link to your payment processor making it easier for them to pay!

Track Payments

Log payments against your invoices and monitor their status.

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Adminja Leadboards

Convert your website visitors into paying clients!

From initial contact to sending their first invoice, Leadboards streamline and track your sales process to help you close more deals.

Let your website do the work

Design and Embed your custom Lead forms in any website and seamlessly capture new sales leads directly to your Adminja Leadboard.

Own your Client's Journey

Tailor your Leadboard's process and event types to fit the phases and activities of your sales process.

Track. Focus. Win.

For each Lead, Adminja highlights the chance of winning and the time since your last activity, making it easy to know who needs the most attention.

Ready to clear your head?

Join the hundreds of Virtual Assistants already using Adminja to manage their business.

Always available,
even when you're not logged in.

The Capture Chrome Extension for Adminja

Always at-the-ready in your browser toolbar,the Capture extension for Chrome sends notes, tasks and time straight to Adminja without forcing you to switch tabs, windows or your train of thought. 

Smart Workspace Inboxes

Automatically create Tasks and Notes with a simple Email!
(Yes, even your clients can join in the fun!)

File them, assign due dates, or add color using simple inline hashtags!

Frequently Asked Questions

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