Adminja Leadboards

A better way to nurture sales.

From initial contact to sending the first invoice, Leadboards streamline your sales process to help you close more deals.

Your Process. Your Questions.

Own your client's journey

Tailor your sales process to fit the way you work.

Capture what matters

Create custom Lead forms and ask the questions that matter most to your evaluation and onboarding process.

Let your website do the work

Embed your Lead forms in any website and seamlessly capture new sales leads directly to your Adminja Leadboard. 

Track. Focus. Win.

Track every event and task

Log every interaction and track progress with your leads as they make their way through your sales funnel.

Focus where it's needed

For each Lead, Adminja highlights the chance of winning and the time since your last activity, making it easy to know who needs the most attention.

Convert in an Instant

Automatically upgrade new wins to an Adminja Workspace and start working within minutes!

Leadboards for Adminja

Available now for all Pro and Team Subscribers.