Designed for Virtual Assistants, not freelancers.

Virtual Assistants have different needs than Freelancers, Software Developers, and Marketing Agencies.

Adminja's features were developed exclusively for today's dedicated Virtual Assistant based on feedback and requests from the VA Community.

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Client Workspaces and the Dashboard

In Adminja, every client gets their own dedicated Workspace so you can keep all of their information, tasks, time and billing neatly organized and just three clicks away.

  • All of your tasks, client details, time and billing are captured and organized in color-coded Client Workspaces with a dedicated "board" for each.
  • Color-coded lists make it easy to keep your boards organized.
  • Workspaces can be setup both for Clients and for your own internal use.
  • Invite your client to collaborate with their Workspace and limit which areas and lists they have access to.
  • The Dashboard ties it all together, keeping you apprised on EVERY client at a glance while providing insights on recent activity and your work progress.

Client Plan Tracking

Adminja keeps constant track of each of your client's recurring plans, alerting you when you get close and automatically renewing them when it's time.

  • Adminja displays the current statuses for your Client Plans both on your Dashboard and each Client Workspace so you'll always know where you stand.
  • Client Plans automatically renew on a predefined schedule or when their retainer has been depleted.
  • Client Plans support both hourly and retainer-based clients.
  • Threshold alerts let you know when you've hit a certain percentage of a retainer or a certain number of hours logged.

Tasks & Task Boards

Adminja combines kanban-style task boards with features designed exclusively for Virtual Assistants to provide a familiar yet powerful way to organize and execute your workload.

Basic Task Features

  • Color-coded Task Lists keep your workflow organized.
  • Task-specific budgets help manage expectations.
  • Task discussion threads keep team communication flowing.
  • Task activity logs provide a paper trail for your team.
  • Unlimited subtasks with their own due dates turn simple tasks into mini-projects or step-by-step procedures.
  • Flag tasks with priority for more focused work.
  • Attach files via direct upload, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Capture tasks via Adminja's Chrome Extension.
  • Capture tasks via Email and our Workspace Inboxes.

Task Views

  • Sort, filter & search Tasks in any view.
  • Quickly switch between normal and compact Task cards depending on your viewing preference.
  • The Workspace Task view focuses on a single Client workflow at a time.
  • The Task Calendar view helps you plan out your task schedule across all Clients via drag-and-drop.
  • The All Tasks view let you see everything that's on your plate across all Clients.
  • The Today view hides the distractions by showing only the tasks that are due or flagged.

Saved and Repeating Tasks

  • Save Tasks as templates for future reuse.
  • Schedule templates to repeat on any schedule.

Tasks & Teams

  • Delegate Tasks to other team members with a click. 
  • Restrict which Task Lists are visible to your client.
  • Restrict which Tasks are visible to your client and non-admin team members.
  • Get activity notifications for the Tasks you've delegated.
  • "Follow" tasks you don't own and receive their activity notifications.

Personal Reminders

System-wide Personal Reminders can capture anything that doesn't pertain directly to a Workspace or Client to make sure it doesn't fall through the cracks.

Client Detail Boards

Adminja organizes ALL of your client information on a "virtual corkboard" for easy recall. 

  • Keep all of your client details organized in custom color-coded lists as notes, contacts and bookmarks.
  • Attach files to any detail via upload, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Embed images and files in notes.
  • Filter & search client details.
  • Capture notes directly to your Workspaces with Adminja's Chrome Extension.
  • Send notes directly to your Workspaces via email and  Mail-to-Adminja.
  • Restrict which lists are visible to your client.
  • Restrict which details are visible to your client and non-admin team members.
  • With everything in one place, new team members can be onboarded in minutes rather than hours.

Time Tracking & Adminja's Multi-timer

Time tracking designed exclusively for Virtual Assistants makes Adminja the easiest way to track, manage, and report on your time without letting interruptions throw you off track.

  • Crash and restart-proof Timers ensures no minute is left unbilled.
  • Start, pause, resume and easily switch between open Timers.
  • Start, pause, or resume Timers directly from Task cards themselves for continuous, seamless tracking as you shift your focus.
  • Manually log Time Entries that weren't captured with a Timer.
  • If you aren't logged in to Adminja, capture Time with Adminja's Chrome Extension.
  • Client-specific Time Categories provide multiple rate support.

Team Management Module

When you're ready to grow your business, Adminja helps you bring on and manage team members with simple invitations, single-click permissions, and seamless delegation.

  • Invite new team members simply by submitting their email address.
  • One-click assigns members to a Client and sets their permissions.
  • Team members only see the client workspaces assigned to them.
  • An Adminja user can be a team member on multiple teams.
  • Permissions restrict how much your team members can see about each client and each other.
  • Task notifications keep you informed of delegated task statuses and conversations.
  • Filter task boards and time reports to drill down to specific team member responsibilities and data. 

Reporting Modules

Whether you need to review time, provide your client with comprehensive status reports, or run payroll, Adminja's reporting engine delivers beautiful results with lots of customizable options.

Sample Client Status Report
  • Reports are branded with your own logo.
  • Narrow down time reports using filters.
  • Group and subtotal time reports by client, team member, task, time category or a combination.
  • Print or email time reports as a PDF.
  • Export time reports to CSV.
  • Schedule automatic weekly Client Status Report emails to save time.
  • Send a quick Client Status Report at any time for any date range.
  • Schedule daily and weekly Personal Status Reports for yourself.
  • Team Payroll Reports make it easy to calculate how much you owe every team member.

Client Billing

Time logged, invoices sent and payments received: Client Billing keeps it all at your fingertips so you always know where you stand.

  • 5 different client plan types allow you to track hourly, retainer, fixed fee, and refillable services in different ways to cover a wide variety of client billing scenarios.
  • Every client can have multiple plans running simultaneously
  • Quickly add additional line item charges to any client plan.
  • Override the retainer budget for a Billing Period at any time.
  • Automatically adjust plan overages and save yourself the headache of issuing credits or additional charges if you exceed a plan's budget.
  • Quickly prepare and send Invoices directly to your clients via email.
  • Review and choose which Time Entries and line item charges you'd like to invoice.
  • Invoice as often as you need. Even mid-cycle. Or set up automatic invoicing so you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Payment Integration with PayPal and Stripe adds a "Pay Now" button to your invoices and manages the entire checkout process so your clients can pay your invoices on receipt, with funds going directly to your account. You'll never need to manually log a payment again.

Custom Branded Forms & Questionnaires

Quickly create and share custom forms to capture new leads or other details. Let Adminja host them or embed them in your own website!

  • Brand your forms with your own logo.
  • Include instructions and headings to make things clear.
  • Add any combination of fields of text, select drop downs, and checkboxes.
  • Share the form URL or embed it in your own website
  • Form submissions can perform the following actions:

    • Create a new Lead
    • Create a new Task
    • (coming soon) Create a new Task from an existing Template  
    • Create a new Note
    • Send an Email 

Sales Tracking with Leadboards

From initial contact to sending the first invoice, Adminja's Leadboards will streamline and track your sales process so you can close more deals.

Flexible Sales Process

  • Customize your sales process by configuring your color-coded sales stages (we'll start you out with a simple one that you can change.)
  • Move new leads through your sales process as Sales Activities are completed.
  • Lead cards will keep you apprised of their status and nudge you if it's been a while since you've had contact.

Custom Sales Activities

  • Customize your business sales activities (we'll start you out with some default activities that you can change.)
  • Log activities against your leads as they happen, documenting their progress every step of the way to create a "paper trail" for your leads.

Schedule and Complete Tasks

  • Add todos and reminders to your leads to stay on top of your activities and make sure every step is completed.

Lead Capture Forms

  • Design your own custom lead capture forms with the questions that matter most to your sales and onboarding process.
  • Embed your forms in your own website simply by pasting the code Adminja provides into your Content Management System.
  • Lead form submissions will automatically notify you while creating a new lead on your leadboard.

Tools & 3rd Party Integrations

Adminja has a few helpful tools to help you capture every detail into (and out of) Adminja without interrupting your flow.

Adminja Shortcuts

The Shortcut Menu

Adminja's Shortcut Menu is available system wide and makes it easy to capture any type of object into Adminja without losing your place or shifting your focus.

Tasks, reminders, notes, bookmarks, time, leads and even Workspaces, you can add almost anything to Adminja via the Shortcut Menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make it even easier to capture items into Adminja without reaching for your mouse or the Shortcut Menu. Quickly enter time, add tasks, change your view settings and more with a simple key combination. 

The Capture Chrome Extension for Adminja

With the Capture Chrome extension for Adminja you can capture tasks and notes as well as log your time from any webpage, without switching tabs, even if you are not logged in!

Learn more about the Capture Chrome Extension for Adminja


Both you and your clients can take advantage of Mail-to-Adminja, a way to send tasks and notes directly to Adminja just by sending an email to a dedicated workspace email address. 

Just choose a unique email address for each Workspace so you can add tasks or notes with a simple email.

Use hashtags to file it in the right list, add a due date, or tag it with a color!

Learn more about Mail-to-Adminja

3rd Party Integration

Adminja is fully integrated with the Zapier platform for 3rd party integration and automation.

Connect Adminja to Zapier and you'll be able to connect Adminja to almost anything else! 

Zapier is a tool that connects applications together for data sharing and automation and supports over 2,000 of the most popular online tools and services. If you or your clients use any other tools in your day-to-day workflow, chances are good that it is supported by Zapier.

Learn more about Zapier

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