Automatically create Tasks and Notes with an email!
(Yes, even your clients can join in the fun!)

Workspace Inboxes are custom email addresses that forward Tasks and Notes directly to an Adminja Workspace.

How Does it Work?

Step 1) 
Login to Adminja and claim a custom inbox address for your Workspace.

  (To claim a workspace address, edit your workspace and click Claim an Inbox Address for this Workspace)

Step 2) 
Send or forward an email to the address you claimed.

Step 3)  You're done!
In a few moments, a new task will appear on the appropriate workspace's Task board.

Do More With Tags!

Tags save you time and can be inserted anywhere
in the email subject or body.

@tags tell Adminja what to make

Will import your email as a Task

Will import your email as a Note

#tags tell Adminja what to do with it

Send it to a List!

File the Task or Note directly in a specific List!

 #travel, #office-projects, #officeprojects

Give it some color!

Color code your notes with hashtags!

Set a Due date!

Automatically set due dates on your imported tasks.

#due3d = Due in 3 days
#due1w = Due in 1 week
#due2m = Due in 2 months

#due12-13-20 = Due on December 13, 2020
#due12/13/20 = Due on December 13, 2020
#due2020-12-13 = Due on December 13, 2020

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