“Success for me has always meant freedom. I design my businesses so they can carry on without me."

Christina Tegbe
Founder, AvailVA

When your dream becomes a reality, and then begins to grow at a rapid pace,
you can count on Adminja to keep everything running smoothly.

Close-up with AvailVA's founder, Christina Tegbe.

Everyone loves an up-and-comer. In just the six months since their roll-out in late July 2019, AvailVA, a virtual assistance agency based in Houston, has already made impressive strides and experienced incredible growth.

Christina explained, “After I started a cleaning business, So Fresh Maids, I was wearing all the hats -- answering phones, sales, management, owner -- everything. So I eventually hired a virtual assistant (VA) and trained her to fully support my cleaning business, and she’s been with me for the past two years.”

“I quickly saw how helpful a VA was for my cleaning business, so I knew other business owners were probably in the same position. They couldn’t quite afford to have an office, have someone physically manage it, support them, and then on top of that, pay wages, taxes, and rent. So I saw a need and started AvailVA.”

Challenges for Entrepreneurs

Choosing to take the road to becoming an entrepreneur isn’t always an easy one. Many may be trying to balance a full-time career with another company, as they pursue and launch their own new enterprise.

Ninety-five percent of AvailVA clients have their own residential, commercial cleaning company or are right on the brink of starting one. “We give them that extra push and assistance to begin operations. We also have several clients in completely different types of local service businesses such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or lawn mowing, but primarily we target cleaning businesses,” explained Christina. 

"What I really liked about Adminja versus some of the other systems was its simplicity. "

Finding the Right Solution

Right from the start, Christina knew she needed a platform that would be easy to implement and support her growing team and client base. “What I really liked about Adminja versus some of the other systems available, is its simplicity. Other systems are a bit too bulky, and not as user-friendly as I need them to be,” she said.

"I wanted something simple and easy-to-use, so they can track their client support time with a click of a button, and store data and information they need to access throughout the day. So when I saw Adminja, I was sold.” 

Adminja is the linchpin connecting all of their initiatives, communication, and progress, allowing Christina and her team to continue to scale AvailVA across the region. “We are looking to grow our number of VAs as we are always taking on more clients,” explained Christina. “We have awesome VAs that work with us, we’ve got great clients, and we’re actually bringing on an agency manager for AvailVA very soon.

“Adminja was so easy to incorporate, therefore saving us a lot of time. I also look very highly upon the Adminja team’s accessibility, transparency, and responsiveness to my questions as well as recommendations for new features that I would like to see, and that would also benefit other VA agency owners,” shared Christina.

It feels really good to provide a service that is needed and solves problems for business owners, while knowing we’ve got the support of Adminja to help us grow along the way.”

"Yes, wow, we’re getting bigger!"

Favorite Feature

“My absolute favorite Adminja feature is the dashboard, I love opening it and seeing all of our clients and their logos lined up, “Yes, wow, we’re getting bigger,” shared Christina. “I’m able to track our VAs time and client support, so we are always abreast of what has been done throughout the week, exactly what tasks were accomplished and exactly how long those tasks took.”

“Adminja is a really cool platform where we’ve built workspaces so our VAs can have their dashboard for each client and track many tasks at a glance. They also add and store pertinent information they’ll need to support each client,” said Christina. “Another great thing about working with AvailVA and Adminja is the ability to work from home. All our VAs work from their respective home offices to provide top-notch client support, and Adminja works seamlessly with our set-up.”

“Success for me has always meant freedom,” explained Christina. “I design my businesses so they can carry on without me.

Success is when I can work on something new and exciting or if I’m not immediately available, my business is going to survive and thrive because of my incredible team and Adminja’s robust and easy-to-use features.”

Ready to see it in Action?

So are you ready to simplify and streamline your client management support? Adminja delivers innovative, unique solutions to businesses of all sizes, significantly expanding your capabilities and increasing the speed and quality of deliverables to clients -- all while saving you time and money!