"Using multiple systems comes with a price, 
and that adds up over time."

Karen Kannegiesser
CEO, Lotus Business Resources

In the 24/7 world of Virtual Assistants, Adminja takes the pressure off, so you can focus solely on responding to your clients’ needs and goals. 

Karen Kannegiesser, founder of Lotus Business Resources, knows this first-hand. We asked her about how she first got hooked on Adminja and how she uses it to propel her business. 

In December 2016, Karen Kannegiesser founded Lotus Business Resources with a focus on heart-centered small businesses and solopreneurs within the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry. Lotus' services include high-level digital media marketing, strategy, and business automation.

Faced with a growing need to strategically guide her clients through the world of ever-changing social media frameworks, search engine algorithm changes, and a deluge of analytics, Karen desired a straightforward, all-in-one platform for Lotus’s internal business operations.

Business Challenges

“I believe that business challenges are a work in progress,” explains Karen. “As I prepared my business plan, set my goals, and launched Lotus, I found it very hard to keep it all organized. I’m usually a very organized person, yet despite having my trusted tools such as my planner and online calendar, I felt a little more scattered than I should have been.”

"Adminja was exactly what I needed for my business."

Getting Hooked

“As a new business owner, one of the groups I joined was the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), a non-profit organization that provides guidance and support to virtual businesses across the globe,” says Karen. “At the first IVAA conference, I attended a presentation given by Adminja founder, Bryan Lewis. It quickly became clear to me that Adminja was exactly what I needed for my business. I realized Admija would be very easy to implement in my daily business operations, and knew I would benefit greatly from its many organization and tracking features. I was hooked!” 

"Using multiple systems comes with a price,
and that adds up over time."


“With Adminja, everything is all in one high-quality framework. The initial start-up with Adminja is very reasonable, and there are no surprises in the subsequent annual support contracts like I have sometimes seen with other programs. Adminja has been an excellent investment for my company. And just when I start to think that it can’t get any better than it already is, the Adminja team will release new features and updates! They really respond to our needs so we can focus on our clients,” says Karen.

“Not only is Adminja a great, easy-to-use, all-in-one program, but the customer support is fantastic,” adds Karen. “When talking with other VAs, I learned that some use several different systems for project time-tracking, client billing, calendars or reminders. Using multiple systems comes with a price, and that adds up over time.”

"They really listen and pay attention to their clients’ needs and wants better than I’ve seen anywhere."

Favorite Feature

“Time-tracking is a favorite of mine. It’s always exciting to see how my business is growing,” explains Karen. “The Adminja team consistently seeks my input and recommendations on platform improvements. They really listen and pay attention to their clients’ needs and wants better than I’ve seen anywhere. Adminja is a well-oiled VA machine and everyone should check it out!”

Adminja's Built-in Multi-timer

Ready to see it in Action?

So are you ready to simplify and streamline your client management support right to your desktop? See for yourself, as Karen has, how Adminja delivers innovative solutions that significantly expand your capabilities and increase productivity with clients, while saving you time and money.