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We asked Lisa Eden, Founder of The Virtual Connection, about how Adminja has accelerated her growth while providing her with the peace-of-mind necessary for running a dynamic VA Team.

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Two years ago, Lisa Eden had the fortuitous opportunity to rethink her career path. After several companies where she had been employed went through extensive restructuring, Lisa was more than ready for a change and a new adventure.

“Encouraged by the appeal of working on a free-lance basis and advice from a friend who knew my background as a personal assistant and office manager, I researched the opportunity to become a virtual assistant (VA),” said Lisa, who is now the founder and owner of The Virtual Connection, based in Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom.

“I discovered the VA business concept actually has legs. This could really work! I had a month’s salary and a little bit of money behind me,” explained Lisa. “I gave myself a couple of months to get set up. I built a website, created a social media marketing plan, and continued researching everything I possibly could about VA businesses.”

Her diligence quickly was rewarded with the arrival of her first client, and her business grew steadily each month. As The Virtual Connection’s client base grew, so did Lisa’s team. They provide a broad menu of services to clients covering everything from setting appointments and meetings to planning international travel and lifestyle management. Demonstrating her commitment to client service at a highly personalized level, Lisa adds, “At the moment I’m even researching an engagement ring for a client’s girlfriend.”

Reflecting on her success, Lisa says, “It really took off and I haven’t looked back. If you would have said two years ago this is where I would be now, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s fantastic!” 


As her team grew, Lisa explored and tried several project management systems that would help manage her team and improve their productivity. “Although the system we used was pretty good, you couldn’t add any tasks to it, so it clearly wasn’t the system I needed,” explained Lisa. “I got incredibly frustrated because I was switching between three different systems for task management, time tracking, and invoicing. I really needed something that does it all and brings this all into one system.”

“When you are a VA,” she added, “you must find every way possible to save time. And I was wasting so much time on administrative tasks rather than spending it helping my team and serving my clients. When you serve over a dozen clients, you simply need everything in one inclusive platform.”

Adminja fits the bill

After lengthy research and trying out different platforms, Lisa decided to tap into the growing VA community. “I came upon a VA page on Facebook and decided to take a chance. So I posted my challenges and requirements and solicited the American VAs for recommendations. I received several responses, but ultimately there was one standout: Adminja. It was the only one that did it all,” shared Lisa.

“I signed up for the free trial and was immediately impressed. Adminja does everything we need. I can easily assign tasks, invoice, monitor workloads against clients’ retainers, and more,” she explained. “It’s brilliant! No one else is providing this type of system. Adminja provides a real-time overview of exactly what’s going on, and that’s really, really helpful. I can instantly see the current status of every client’s project and see where my own time is best spent.”

“Now, my whole team uses Adminja, and we are happily at a point where we know Adminja pretty much inside out. We can quickly train others because it is so simple to use.”

“Any VA, whether you’re flying solo or leading a team, will find Adminja to be an invaluable tool; it’s definitely the best,” says Lisa. “After thoroughly researching and trialing systems recommended by other VAs, I discovered that Adminja really came out on top. I recommend it to everybody.”

“Adminja helped me take back control of my time and now I can focus on helping my team achieve success, now and into the future.” 


Adminja has streamlined The Virtual Connection’s day-to-day operations, enabling Lisa to step back and focus more on strategy as well as the roads and oceans ahead. In the next year, she plans to continue growing her VA team through continued European expansion as well as the launch of her North American business, all while growing the network of service and support they provide clients.

“Time is money, so the longer you spend researching and sorting out system issues and administrative processes, you’re not earning any money. Adminja helped me take back control of my time and now I can focus on helping my team achieve success, now and into the future.”

Lisa's Adminja Favorites

“The smart email inboxes for each client workspace are an incredible timesaver,” she said. “Any tasks I receive from a client are quickly added by emailing the Adminja workspace where it immediately becomes a task. It’s been heavenly.”

“I also find the dashboard really helpful,” she added. “Just to have a real-time snapshot of every single client, I can see all the retainers they’re on, their hourly rates for my team, and all my notes about each client. It’s very interactive, it looks really good and is extremely user friendly.”

Adminja's Leads Board

“It’s brilliant! No one else is providing this type of system. Adminja provides a real-time overview of exactly what’s going on, and that’s really, really helpful. ”

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