When your job is streamlining everyone else's business, 
who’s keeping YOURS in order? 

We asked Lorie Nelson, President of Signature Virtual Assistance, about how she saves time, improves productivity, and has moved beyond managing her business to planning its future.

Growing Pains

As her company has grown over the last 8 years, Lorie encountered a challenge many successful entrepreneurs must inevitably reckon with -- finding a better way to manage and balance her client support and virtual assistant workforce.

“In early 2019, my company had grown to a point where I thought I needed to hire an operations manager for daily oversight of our independent VAs, and to streamline our processes,” explains Lorie Nelson, President of Signature Virtual Assistance.

“I looked at many web-based management systems, but soon discovered it was difficult to adapt them to our virtual support needs. Unfortunately, the other systems were heavy in different areas, none catered to what we do and provide, and all needed manipulating to work for us,” adds Lorie. 

The Solution

“Once I discovered Adminja and implemented it with my team, I realized I didn't need to invest in hiring an operations manager to coordinate our workloads,” says Lorie.

“Adminja does this all for me. And it keeps me informed of each and every client billing period with an instant dashboard and robust time tracking and reports.”

“Now, having one place for everything is incredibly useful for us and a tremendous help to me. It is easy to find what I'm looking for, and it's easy for my independent contractors to maintain each client,” explains Lorie. “As I put client processes and on-boarding checklists into place, I'm able to offload more of those tasks to my assistants without re-inventing the wheel.” 

“As a partner, Adminja has proven to be responsive to our needs. We've been invited to help test new features and provide feedback to help Adminja's team keep this ever-advancing web-based platform as fresh and relevant as possible for the virtual support community. It’s exciting to have a partner who wants us to participate in that process,” added Lorie.  

Filling the Gaps

“While Adminja had our workflow covered, I was still looking at other CRM tools that might help with our sales process. Earlier this Summer, when Adminja added their new “Leads” module to capture and nurture prospective clients, I was able to stop looking.” adds Lorie. “Adminja has everything I need to manage my team and clients in one platform,” says Lorie.

“Adminja has given me peace of mind and I can focus more on forward-thinking strategies for my company.”

Growth is the Result

The challenges confronting Lorie and her team at Signature Virtual Assistance are not unique. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018 there were almost 4 million administrative assistants in the United States and many of them have already made the move to working remotely as virtual assistants, and more are on their way.

“Every minute counts when we are trying to provide incredible service to our clients by completing projects efficiently and professionally,” says Lorie. “By utilizing Adminja, we have streamlined our processes and communications, which in turn has saved us time and money...giving us the capacity to take on more clients.” 

“By utilizing Adminja, we have streamlined our processes and communications, which in turn has saved us time and money...giving us the capacity to take on more clients.”

Our Favorite Adminja Feature

“Adminja’s new “Leads Board” has eliminated my sales spreadsheet, letting me schedule and track activities for each Lead. Now I can stay on top of my pipeline funnel, making a huge difference in my company’s finances and time management. I'm not missing opportunities like I was before,” explains Lorie.

"Another Adminja favorite is “Workspace Inboxes”. With a unique email address for each client workspace we can easily get things into Adminja even when we aren’t at our desk or even logged in. We even use it to automate some tasks that get triggered by 3rd party systems. Adminja has a lot of different features that have streamlined our operations."

Adminja's Leads Board

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