Capture Everything. Lose Nothing.

Time. Tasks. Notes.

Save stuff as it happens,
with the Capture Chrome Extension for Adminja.

Add tasks from any webpage

  • Effortlessly send Tasks to a specific Workspace List.
  • Set due dates and task budgets with a click.
  • Automatically include selected text from the current webpage.
  • Attach the webpage URL for reference.

Capture Notes while you browse and simplify your online research.

  • Select the Workspace and (optionally) List where you'd like to save your note.
  • Assign a color to make it pop! 
  • Automatically include selected text from the current webpage.
  • Make it a bookmark by including the webpage URL.

Track time without interrupting your flow

Logging your time from anywhere takes fewer steps and ensures you aren't leaving money on the table. 

  • Select the Workspace and Category to apply the time to.
  • Simple, time entry mirrors Adminja's easy-to-use time cards.
  • Automatically include selected text from the current webpage in your description.
  • Attach the current webpage URL for reference.

How do I get it?

Step 1

Visit the Chrome Web Store and add the Capture extension to your Chrome browser.

Chrome Webstore

Step 2

Click the new Adminja icon in your Chrome toolbar and login with your Adminja credentials.

Step 3

You're ready to start capturing!

Just select the type of item you want to capture and you'll see the appropriate Task, Note or Time form to save your item directly to Adminja.

Capture Tips

Save even more time by using auto-fill!

Just select the text you'd like to have filled before invoking the extension and it will automatically fill in your capture!

Give it some context

Check the "Include URL" box to save the current webpage URL along with your new capture.

Not an Adminja User?


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