Transition from the Office to Remote Work

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Shifting from working in an office to working from home, remotely, is an adjustment. Some people transition easily while others struggle to find a balance. Can you handle working alone? Do you need interaction from others throughout the day? How will you work when the housework is calling from the other room? 

You Do It!

1. Set-up an Established Office or Work Area. 

Don't think you can sit on your bed, in your jammies, working away. You will roll over and go back to bed. Having an area, preferably an office, in your home where you can close the door will make it easier to stay focused. With the option of working or binging on Netflix - which do you choose when both are readily available? The Netflix, of course. So, having a set workspace, without access to TV, chores, or any of the other billion things you could be doing around the house, is essential to completing your work tasks. 

2. Set regular work hours that meet the needs of your workload and family needs. 

If you work for yourself, setting regular work hours is crucial to reaching your goals and surpassing your financial expectations. Don't think if you work a couple hours a day while you do housework the rest of the time you will get it all done. You need to establish what hours you plan to work and then manage it around family schedules, extra activities, and commitments. Follow a strict workflow will make it easier to get the work done and keep you from burning out. Only working after everyone goes to bed, or thinking you can cram it all into a day or two won't create the best results. Take advantage of your most productive time of day. Are you a morning person or do you burn the midnight oil? Knowing when you work best will help you maximize the time you spend on your job duties.

3. Make time to connect with like-minded people.

Working from home, specifically as an entrepreneur, can get very lonely. You are working hard and there is no co-worker to bounce ideas off or share in the boss's bad mood. You are the boss, co-worker - you are it. 

Taking the time to connect and network with others keeps you fresh and provides the opportunity to meet potential clients or collaborators to grow your business. Staying in touch with others and attending learning events keeps you moving forward. It is easy to get in a rut when you don't ever leave the house. 

Setting up time to work in a local coffee shop, shared workspace, or local college provides a change of scenery. The energy levels are different when you walk out your front door and work from a place with different sounds, smells, and the bustling about is invigorating. Don't think you can't effectively work in spaces and places with noise and people. You used to work in an office where this was commonplace. It can create new ideas and AHA moments you never imagined.

4. Stay active - work out regularly.

Keep your blood moving. I work out every morning. It gets my body energized, my muscles warm and keeps me active. Sitting around home doesn't mean I sit and eat all day while I work. You need to maintain a regular meal routine. Don't go grab a snack from the kitchen all day every day. Be mindful of the fact you are less mobile when working from home. 

Going to a gym can also provide that interaction with others you may miss from the workplace. Being part of a group, regardless of whether it is a co-working group or a class at a gym, it is still a connection. Having a regular workout class will also help maintain a level or normalcy around a set schedule. Knowing you have to get up and go to the gym will keep you on a regular sleeping/waking schedule. 

5. Enjoy the opportunity.

Working in an office, working remotely, and strictly working from home all present challenges. Each is an opportunity in and of itself. Don't dismiss how great it is to have the ability to do it the way that works best for you. No, it isn't all cheery and rosy, but it can be rewarding. Working remotely provides a chance to maintain a balanced work/home life that will benefit all involved. Whether you work for a company, freelance, or own your own company, you have such great opportunities to be present more for those in your family. 

Stay positive. Regardless of how bad you may feel on a certain day, or at a certain time, remember why you took the opportunity to work remotely and make it work the best way for you.

Heather Nitch

Virtual Assistant & Founder of Do It The Write Way

Do It The Write Way offers flexibility, reliability, and the Virtual Assistant and Business Management Services your business needs when you need them.

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