Batch Task Entry with Adminja

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​Capture tasks faster
by Batching task entries

Have you been yearning for quick way to capture A LOT of tasks at once?

Look no further, Batch Tasks are here to the rescue!

Accessible from your Ninja Menu, and from any Workflow Group dropdown, Batch Tasks let you quickly add A LOT of tasks for a client in one simple form.

Simply select Batch Enter Tasks and enter as many as you need for a quick save.

See it in action:

Don’t forget, with the Ninja Menu, you don’t have to be in your client space to add a list of tasks:

Power-User's Tip:  Keyboard Shortcuts!

Don't forget! You can always use Adminja's keyboard shortcuts and skip the Ninja menu.

Ctrl + b = Batch Enter Tasks

 Press ? at any time to see a cheatsheet of available shortcuts.

Next week on Adminja 101: Working with Billing Periods and Retainers! See you then!

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