Announcing Adminja 1.5!

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Our latest update for Adminja is YUGE and , after six months in the making, we are thrilled to be releasing it to all of our users today! 

Let's dive in. What’s in this update?

Task Checklists!

Organize and track subtasks and steps on any task with Checklists.

Tip: Combine Task Checklists with Recurring Tasks to automate complicated, multi-step processes!

Ninja Menu Improvements

Your favorite shortcut menu has a new color, and a few new tricks up its sleeve! Now, in addition to tasks and time, you can capture notes, bookmarks, or people and save them directly to any client profile board.

Batch Task Entry

Need a faster way to add tasks? Simply select “New List of Tasks” from either the Ninja menu or any Workflow Group, type or paste in a list of tasks and we’ll handle the rest!

Email Notes to Adminja

In addition to task importing, you can now import emails as Note cards and save them to any client profile board.

Improved Mobile Support

For those on the go! All of Adminja’s features are now fully functional on most mobile phones and tablets. And don’t forget, Adminja’s timers sync and persist across all of your devices automatically. It’s easy to pick up where you left off even if you aren’t back at your desk!

Client Billing!

That’s right, after months of design and testing our first version of Client Billing offers a better way to manage your client’s billing cycles with our unique Billing Periods manager.

Simply set your client’s billing cycle date and Adminja will take over the annoying process of renewing their Billing Period each month, allowing you make ad-hoc adjustments, apply additional charges, create invoices, or apply payments.

Anything else?

In addition to these updates, we’ve implemented dozens of smaller features and refinements throughout Adminja. Keep an eye out for improved performance, drag-scrolling, on boarding checklists, dashboard tasks, and many others.

You can find more details about these new features on our Product page. 

Note: Some features are only available to those on paid plans.

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