Feature Upgrade: Alerts and Notifications

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​New Feature Release!
Notifications Center

As Adminja grows in abilities and complexity, and as our users access it on more and more devices, we needed a better way to deliver and manage the variety of notifications they receive. 

Today, we are releasing a new Notifications Center to make it easier for you to review and act on notifications you've missed, without getting distracted, and regardless of which device you are using.

Alerts will appear in your Alerts center:

  • When a task becomes due
  • When a recurring task repeats
  • When an email is received for you to import
  • When a client retainer renews
  • When Adminja sends out an update or information notice

On the roadmap:

  • Past due invoice notifications
  • Team invitation notifications
  • Team comment notifications
  • Retainer budget notifications
  • and more!

The Alerts Center is available to all of our users as of 10/10/17.

Login now and check it out.

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