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​No more waiting
New features and no waitlist!

Adminja just received a major update and is better than ever! With powerful new features and tons of improvements, now’s a great time to make Adminja your all-in-one hub for client and project management!

What’s new in Adminja?

  • Immediate Access! No more waitlists. Adminja is available to everyone, immediately. No activation code required!
  • New Currency & Date Options: Support for different currencies and European date formats.
  • Flexible retainer renewals: Client retainers now renew on the days of your choosing.
  • Retainer-based time reporting: View and report your time by calendar OR retainer periods.
  • Streamlined Task interface: Makes it even easier to add and manage your client tasks
  • Integrated Multi-Timer: Seamless, simultaneous, and reliable time tracking across multiple clients & tasks.

If you are already an Adminja user, all of these features are available immediately. If you haven’t setup your Adminja account, pick a plan so you can to get started!

As always, if you have any questions about Adminja or it’s new features, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note at help@getadminja.com

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