Monitoring Time with Task Budgets

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​Keep an eye on your time
with Task Budgets

What are Task Budgets? 
Task Budgets are an optional, but very simple way to keep tabs on your time. 

Task Budgets let you know if you are getting close to or going over a budget that you set for a specific task

To set a Budget for a Task, simply open the task and move it's budget slider to the desired amount and save it.

Going forward, any time you log against that task will be applied to the budget.

As time is logged, and/or as the multi-timer runs, the Task card and Timer will let you know with the color orange as you are getting close to your budget, and red when you hit it.

3 hours and 30 minutes  logged against a 4 hour budget

Note: Task Budgets are different from Retainer budgets, which have similar color indicators and are shown on your Dashboard and Client cards.

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