Managing Projects and Phases

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Organizing Tasks & Projects
with Adminja

Today we are going to talk about managing your task workflow in Adminja.

I always thought that Adminja shouldn't assume that everyone needs or wants to use "Projects" all of the time, so I took some inspiration from Toyota's more flexible Kanban methodology, and incorporated it into Adminja as Workflow Groups.

Custom color-coded Workflow Groups organize your tasks in a wide horizontal scrolling board and serve in whatever way you need: Use them for Projects, Phases, Areas of Responsibility, Task Types, etc. Whatever method works best for you.

The Workflow Groups you define are unique to each Client, so you can organize each Client's tasks in a way that matches your own work style!

Workflow Examples
Here are some example Workflow Groups that I've used in the past to give you some ideas and inspiration.

If you’ve got any patterns that work for you, please let me know and I'll try to share them here!

By Stage: A simple Kanban approach where tasks get moved left-to-right from one stage to the next as they progress.

By Areas of Responsibility

By Day: Organizing tasks directly into a Weekly Routine:

Client Task boards always include a New Tasks group, and you can opt to turn on the Today and Recently Completed groups in your settings.

Automation Tip

When you setup a Recurring Task, save yourself some filing time and pre-choose the Workflow Group you’d like it assigned to.

When the task is automatically created, it will appear in that group and skip the New Tasks group altogether!

I hope this helps better explain workflow management in Adminja!  If I’ve left anything out or if you have any trouble, don’t forget, we’re always here! Just drop us a line at!

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