Automate Your Workflow

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Automate your VA Business
with Recurring Tasks

As a Virtual Assistant juggling multiple clients, you've probably got some routines that repeat on a regular basis. With Adminja, you can save a mountain of time and set them up to repeat automatically!

Adminja's Recurring Tasks regenerate and repeat on a schedule that you set, in plain english,  freeing you from the monotonous job of setting up the same tasks week after week and month after month.

When the time comes, a fresh copy of your task will automatically appear in the right place, with your predefined due date, budgets, files and subtasks ready for you to take action.

Simply go to the "Recurring" tab in any client space to create and manage a Recurring Task. 

Specify your recurrence settings, make sure the preview schedule looks good, and click "Save & Schedule".

When the time comes, an exact duplicate of the task will automatically appear in its assigned Client and Workflow Group so you can focus on DOING.

Power Users Tip: Automate an entire process!

Did you know that you can add unlimited subtasks in the form of a Task Checklist? 

That's right! And combined with Recurring Tasks, it's a piece of cake to define and repeat an entire multi-step process! 

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