Adminja Shortcuts

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​Your new best friend...
the Adminja Menu

Today I’d like to introduce you to your new best friend: The Ninja Menu.

The Ninja Menu is always available, and let's you capture tasks, time, notes, and more without losing your place or getting sidetracked when something new comes your way.

You'll always find the Ninja menu in the lower right hand corner when you are logged in to Adminja: 

To log some time, for example, reveal the shortcuts by clicking on the Ninja Menu and select the "Enter Time" button:

See it in Action:

Adding Tasks, Clients, Bookmarks, and Notes is just as easy. Simply select the option you want and complete the form that pops up. 

Power-User's Tip:  Keyboard Shortcuts!

Want to capture information even faster? Use Adminja's keyboard shortcuts and skip the menu.

 Press ? at any time to see a cheatsheet of available shortcuts.

In our next installment of Adminja 101,  we’ll learn about Task Budgets! Stay tuned! 

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