3 Ways to Track Time with Adminja

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Different ways to Track Time
with Adminja

For flexibility, Adminja let’s you capture time in a few different ways, and sometimes it’s not obvious what the best method is.

So I wanted to get you off on the right foot with a brief tutorial on each of these methods. Don't worry, there's no one "right" way to log time with Adminja. 

1) Manually via the Shortcut Menu

If you want it quick, easy, and simple, you can log  time manually via the “New Time” button in your Ninja Shortcuts menu. 

If you need to track time against individual task budgets, you can identify the related task here as well.

Power-User's Tip:  Keyboard Shortcuts!

Want to capture information even faster? Use Adminja's keyboard shortcuts and skip the Ninja menu.

 Press ? at any time to see a cheatsheet of available shortcuts.

2) Manually via Task Cards

A faster way to log time against a task is to click the + icon on the task itself. The new time will automatically be associated with both the Client and Task and you won't have to select them manually.

3) Using the Multi-Timer

Adminja’s multi-timer is the easiest way to track time as you perform work.

The timer will survive refreshes, restarts, and will even automatically handoff to other devices running Adminja without losing a second!

Simply choose a client and click “Play” to start tracking. 

Once a timer is running, you can press  Image

 to Pause it,  Image to Stop and save it, or Image to Discard it.
Handling Timers

The Timers menu icon indicates how many timers you have open. 

Only one timer can be running at any given time, but it's easy to switch gears by opening the Timers menu where you can resume or take action on any open timer:

While a timer is running, it will appear in the main Timer area in your toolbar, highlighted with the Client's color. 

4) Automatically via Task Cards

You can skip a few steps by starting your timer directly from a Task card!

The task will automatically be associated with the time you log and you can resume it at any time directly from the card itself.

Click the “Play” button on any task to start a timer associated with it.

5) Using Adminja's Capture extension for Chrome

Time can also be captured without visiting Adminja by installing the Adminja Capture extension for Chrome.

Which method will you choose?

Manual entry against a Client? Task-based entry against a budget? Using the Multi-timer for either/both/neither? 

The good news is, with Adminja, you really don't have to choose, and different situations and contexts call on different methods. What matters is that you are familiar with the available methods and find a workflow that works best for you, your clients, and your reporting needs.  

Next week on Adminja 101: Fast Batch Task Entry! See you then!

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