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And the winner is…
And the winner is Jeana Walz! We are thrilled to extend congratulations  to Jeana Walz, the winner of the $360[...]
Working with Teams
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Working with Tasks & Projects
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Update: Get Paid Faster with Invoice Payment Links
Get paid fasterwith Invoice Payment LinksWe are excited to release an oft-requested feature: Payment Links!Now you can make it easier[...]
Update: Email Notifications
​Feature Update!Notifications via EmailWe are excited to release an oft-requested feature today that every Adminja user will be interested in:[...]
Update: Teams & Personal Spaces
New Features Released!Teams & Personal SpacesWhat’s in this update?Team supportSubscribers on our Pro plans can now invite additional Virtual Assistants[...]
Adminja Spotlight- Vicki Fugitt
​Adminja Spotlight:Vicki FugittAloha Adminjas!While it might technically be heading into Winter, we're feeling the sunshine with this Adminja Spotlight! Today[...]
Feature Upgrade: Alerts and Notifications
​New Feature Release!Notifications CenterAs Adminja grows in abilities and complexity, and as our users access it on more and more[...]
Adminja Spotlight- Cindy Opong
​Adminja Spotlight:Cindy OpongRecently, we sat down with Cindy Opong, founder of Creative Assistants and a 15 year veteran in the Virtual[...]
Batch Task Entry with Adminja
​Capture tasks fasterby Batching task entriesHave you been yearning for quick way to capture A LOT of tasks at once?[...]
3 Ways to Track Time with Adminja
Different ways to Track Timewith AdminjaFor flexibility, Adminja let’s you capture time in a few different ways, and sometimes it’s[...]
Managing Projects and Phases
Organizing Tasks & Projectswith AdminjaToday we are going to talk about managing your task workflow in Adminja.I always thought that[...]
Automate Your Workflow
Automate your VA Businesswith Recurring TasksAs a Virtual Assistant juggling multiple clients, you've probably got some routines that repeat on[...]
Monitoring Time with Task Budgets
​Keep an eye on your timewith Task BudgetsWhat are Task Budgets? Task Budgets are an optional, but very simple way to[...]
Adminja Shortcuts
​Your new best friend...the Adminja MenuToday I’d like to introduce you to your new best friend: The Ninja Menu.The Ninja[...]
Announcing Adminja 1.5!
​Major Update!Our latest update for Adminja is YUGE and , after six months in the making, we are thrilled to be[...]
You asked, we listened. Adminja 1.5 is on the way!
​Sneak PeakScheduled Updates Coming​In a few weeks, we’ll introduce you to the latest version of Adminja. We can’t wait to[...]
Won’t you be our neighbor?
Won't you be our neighbor?Here at Adminja we want to be as closely tapped in to your needs and your Adminja experience as[...]
Learning New Tricks
​No more waitingNew features and no waitlist!Adminja just received a major update and is better than ever! With powerful new[...]
No Tricks, Just Treats
No Tricks, Just TreatsAdminja UpdateWe've been busy the past few weeks putting the final touches on some major updates to[...]
Business Owner or Order Taker? The Empowered VA
​Business Owner or Order Taker?The Empowered VAThe transition into being a business owner can be a steep learning curve, particularly[...]
Keeping Your VA Business Simple: Interview with Tracey D’Aviero
Keeping your VA Business Simple:Interview with Tracey D'AvieroSimplifying the systems and processes in your VA business can be a huge[...]
7 Strategies for VAs to Land New Clients
​Strategies For VAs to Land New ClientsBeing an independent business owner is great. You get to set your own work hours,[...]
How to Choose Your Best VA Niche
How to chooseYour Best VA NicheAs a VA there are many choices for you to make in your business, not[...]
7 Essentials for Starting a Successful VA Business
​Essentials for StartingA Successful VA BusinessWhether you’ve actively been working as a VA for a while or you’re thinking about[...]
The Happy VA’s Guide to Setting Client Expectations
​The Happy VA's Guide toSetting Client ExpectationsHave you ever been requested by a client to do something which you weren’t[...]
Time-Saving Tips for the Savvy VA
​Time-Saving TipsFor the Savvy VAAs a VA, you’re looking to build a business where you don’t have to worry about[...]
Why We Are Building Adminja
​Why we are buildingAdminjaNine months ago, when we started interviewing Virtual Assistants and researching the tools available to them, one[...]