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Meet Adminja, the only all-in-one platform designed exclusively for Virtual Assistants.

Whether working solo, or managing a team, Adminja has the right tools to organize, automate, and scale your Virtual Assistant Business.

Don't take it from us, here's what other Virtual Assistants say:

Definitely geared towards VA business success!
I’m loving it!
Adminja brings simplicity and versatility to managing my clients.
Adminja is the closest thing to an “all in one” solution that I can find!
I’m saving hours preparing my invoices!
This is the simplest way I’ve found to track my time and send invoices!
Logging time while quickly switching between clients and tasks is simple and brilliant!
Finally, task management that’s easy to customize!
Now it’s easy to stay on top of all of my client packages!
I finally have all of my client information and tasks in one place!
Some project management tools are super-overwhelming…not Adminja!
I don’t know of any other VA-specific tools as good as this!
I’m just getting started and it has already improved my business!
It solves all my needs in a really simple, visual way.
I’m so glad I found Adminja!
It’s got what I need and watching it mature over time has been awesome!
Thanks for asking me to try this brilliant system. I wish I’d found it years ago!
There’s currently nothing as well suited to the VA world as Adminja.
Because it’s designed for Virtual Assistants, I’m not trying to fit square pegs into round holes.
Simple, and easy to use! Too many programs go over the top with functionality. More isn’t always better!
Adminja makes logging and managing time a breeze!
It is the best system I’ve found for managing my business and team!
I’ve been a VA for 4 years and this is the best tool I’ve found for managing my tasks and team!

"I need to know where I stand with my clients."

Virtual Assistants need to know exactly where they stand at all times. With Adminja's high-level views you'll always know what's on your plate, and where you need to focus.

At-a-glance Client Plan Status 

Drag-and-Drop Task Boards

Task Calendar


Over the years I've tried many project management tools. But I have ended my search with Adminja. I couldn’t run my business without it.

Sarah Higgins

Helping Hands VA 


We're loving Adminja! It incorporates almost everything we need!  

Great work and great support too!

Lisa Edens

Virtual Business Resources


Adminja adjusts to my style and lets me work the way I want.

It keeps my clients and work organized, so I can focus on what's important.

Divine Frasier

Virtual Assistant

"I need to get my clients and workflow organized."

Adminja's virtual boards empower you to visually organize and manage every task, project and detail.

Automate repetitive tasks and procedures

Organize your boards
via drag-and-drop

Use color to group or make items stand out.

The only all-in-one tool designed exclusively for Virtual Assistants. 

"I need an easier way to track time and send invoices."

Adminja's built in timer lets you effortlessly jump from client to client without losing a second.

Auto-renewing Billing Plans

Client billing plans magically renew on your predefined schedule and take the headache out of managing billing cycles.

Simple, intuitive invoicing

Invoicing is as simple as selecting the items you want to bill, and clicking a button.

Once you've sent an invoice to your client, use Adminja to track payments and keep tabs on past due items.

Streamline your workflow and say goodbye to "overwhelmed".

"I need to manage a team of Virtual Assistants."

Keep your team coordinated and your workflow humming with Adminja's team manager. 

Simple controls will have you assigning clients, delegating tasks, and managing access in no time.

Easy-to-understand permissions

Delegate repeating tasks and procedures

Collaborate via task discussions


I'm loving it!

I'm always excited to login to Adminja. The features are perfectly tailored for Virtual Assistants. 


Vicki Fuggit

Vicki's VAs


Adminja works for me as a virtual assistant because it saves what is most valuable - my TIME.


Tara Ulrich

Timeless VA


By keeping all of my client information organized, Adminja clears up my mental energy so I can focus on what's most important.


Divine Frasier

Virtual Assistant

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