Meet Adminja

 Client Management 
Software for Virtual Assistants

Take control of your clients, time, and tasks with the only dedicated tool designed exclusively for Virtual Assistants.

Tara UlrichTimeless Virtual Assistance

Adminja is the all-in-one client management solution I've been looking for! Everything else out there is geared towards contractors or freelancers, but Adminja is specifically designed for Virtual Assistants. It's a perfect fit!

Comprehensive Overviews

Stay on top of everything with a global dashboard and all-client task views.

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Deep Client Profiles

Visually organize and color-code all of your vital client details for effortless recall.

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Retainer Monitor

Never be at a loss for words when your client asks "How much time do I have left?"

Task Management

Due dates, budgets, notes, time and more. Adminja makes it easier than ever to manage clients like a boss.

Integrated Multi-Timer

Our integrated multi-timer seamlessly records and tracks your time. Juggle clients without losing a second!

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Time Reporting

Review and report on your logged time by year, month, week, or retainer periods.

Recurring Tasks

Automate your client routine with flexible recurring tasks.

Event Notifications

Never forget a retainer renewal or miss a due date! 

Auto Client Updates

Send a task status report to your client with just one click.

Day Planning

Focus and prioritize your day with Adminja's Today views.

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Meagan Mena
AKA "adMeaganja"
MegAssists Virtual Services

Adminja has been a real game changer for me...I'm saving so much time now that I don’t have to jump between several tools to lookup information, log time, or track tasks. I also love that Adminja gives me the freedom to organize my day and work as I want and not the other way around. 

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Adminja for Teams
Client Invoicing
3rd Party Integrations
Divine FrazierVirtual Assistant

Adminja adjusts to my style and lets me work the way I want. By keeping all of my client information organized, Adminja clears up my mental energy so I can focus on what's most important. For Virtual Assistants, Adminja is a fantastic asset.

As a Virtual Assistant, you're dedicated to your client's success. Adminja is the only platform dedicated to yours.

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