The first all-in-one project manager
for Virtual Assistants

Built for Virtual Assistants, not software developers.

The right mix of tools to help a VA manage their client, their time, and their bottom line.

Client Profiles & Details

Individualized broadsheets for each client keep every little detail within easy reach

Tasks & Time

Intuitive task flow, with easy-to-use tools for tracking against retainer and task budgets

Communication & Reporting

Simple e-mail integration with instant status reports keep your queue moving along, and your client informed.

Adminja, al fresco

Revolutionize the way you serve your clients

The simplicity of Adminja’s dashboards and broadsheet workflow will help you stay on top of all of your clients and tasks without getting lost in the details.

Glide through your day

The color-coded workflow manager makes it easy to plan your day and breeze through your tasks. Keep your clients informed and communicate task updates instantly.

Find that "thing" in a flash

Visually organize every client detail for quick retrieval: contact info, travel preferences, birthdays, places, articles, websites, notes, and files. Color-coded by client, Adminja keeps everything easy to find and in reach.

Track and report time without lifting a finger...well, almost

Our integrated timer will kick off automatically when you switch between clients and tasks, or manually as needed.

Adminja's Global Timer

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