Are you running your Virtual Assistance business,
or is your business running you?

Meet Adminja,

The only client management system developed exclusively for today's 
Virtual Assistant community.

Adminja frees up your headspace
so you can actually focus.

Give your short term memory a break and capture everything in one neatly organized system. 

Get and Stay Organized

Keep all of your Client Information, Tasks and Billing organized, color-coded, and just 3 clicks away.

Stay on top of your Client Plans

Always know where you stand with each and every Client Plan, and let Adminja automatically renew them when the time is right.

Time Tracking that Doesn't Suck

Never lose a minute with Adminja's 
seamless game-changing Multi-Timer, robust reporting, and streamlined client invoicing.

Track & Nurture Your Leads

Turn your website visitors into Leads and track your sales pipeline without losing your head.

Manage Your Team

Invite and collaborate with co-workers using simple task delegation and one-click permissions.

What do our users think?

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"What I really liked about Adminja versus some of the other systems available, is its simplicity. It's easy to incorporate and saves us a lot of time."

Christina Tegbe,

"When you are building a home you can’t be wrong, and Adminja keeps it all phenomenally on track, and me on point."

Heather Nitch
Founder, WriteWay VA

"Adminja helped me take back control of my time and now I can focus on helping my team achieve success."

Lisa Eden
Founder, The VIrtual Connection UK

"I thought I'd need to hire an operations manager...until I signed up for Adminja."

Lorie Nelson
CEO, Signature Virtual Assistance

It's exciting to watch how my business is growing! I'm hooked!

Karen Kannageissar,
Founder, Lotus Business Resources

"I've tried many project management systems over the years. But I ended my search when I found Adminja"

Sarah Higgins
Helping Hands Virtual Assistants

"If you're ready to increase your productivity, save time and scale your business, Adminja is your answer!"

Tara Ulrich
Virtual Assistant

"Adminja's time tracking is simply the best in the industry!"

Wendy Koss
Virtual Assistant


Designed for Virtual Assistants

(not software developers)

Running a Virtual Assistant business isn't the same thing as managing a software development team or an advertising agency.

Yet many Virtual Assistants find themselves juggling three or four different tools designed for someone else's wish list.

Adminja puts an end to the juggling and brings everything you need under one monthly subscription. 

Get everything out of your head so you can focus on what's important!

Adminja keeps everything organized and running smoothly so you can spend more time kicking ass and growing your business. 

About Adminja

Adminja is the product of Openmotive Inc., a Chicago-based digital agency specializing in custom business application development and web management tools since 2006.

Adminja was designed and built on the ideas, suggestions and input from hundreds of Virtual Assistants, and we continually turn to the VA community for new feature ideas, feedback and future roadmap planning. 

If you have ideas on how to make the lives of Virtual Assistants easier, we'd really love to hear about it!  Just drop us a line or reach out to us via Adminja's in-app support.