Get organized, get automated, and simply get more done.

Designed exclusively for today's Virtual Assistant, Adminja automates your client plansstatus reports and tasks, effortlessly tracks your time, and captures every last detail so nothing falls through the cracks. 

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As soon as I logged on, I was amazed!

"I have tried Dubsado, Teamwork, Clickup, Trello, Notion and Asana. But Adminja is the only platform I was able to integrate into my daily routine with ease."

Heather Nitch, Founder

Adminja frees up your headspace so you can actually focus.

As the only client management system designed exclusively for today's
Virtual Assistant, Adminja has been tailor-made for your unique workflow needs. 

  • ALL of your client information, tasks, time and billing organized under one login.
  • Monitor and renew your recurring client plans automatically.
  • Effortlessly switch your focus between clients without losing your place.
  • Automatic Client Status Reports keep your clients up to date and save you time every week.
  • Capture all of your time for accurate billing, even when you get interrupted!

Give your short term memory a break by capturing everything in one neatly organized system. 

Try Adminja risk-free for 30 days!

Auto-renewing client plans keep you informed and save you time. Every. Single. Day.

If you've ever struggled to know exactly where you are at with your client plans, we hear you and we've got your back. 

Adminja keeps constant track of each of your client's recurring plans, alerting you when you get close and automatically renewing them when it's time.

With Adminja, you and your client will always know exactly where you stand and you'll never find yourself scrambling. 

You won't even need a calculator.

Time tracking that captures every minute, every time. 

Flexible time tracking designed exclusively for Virtual Assistants makes Adminja the easiest way to track, manage, and report on your time without pulling out your hair.

And our game-changing multi-timer will keep accurate tabs on where your time is going without letting a minute go to waste.

Start your timers with a single click, seamlessly switch between clients, or hand-off to another device without skipping a beat.

Give Adminja's Timer a try and you'll quickly discover how much time you've been wasting "tracking time".

Keep your clients updated without lifting a finger!

Say goodbye to preparing regular reports!

Our gorgeous, VA-branded client status reports will keep your clients informed while saving you tons of time every week.

Share your progress and their plan's status along with time and task details. Configure which elements get included for each client so they'll receive exactly the information you want to share, automatically.

When I saw Adminja, I was sold!

"My team now tracks their time without any headaches, while all of the client information they'll need throughout the day is at their fingertips."

Christina Tegbe, Founder

Keep your ducks in a row and your mind at-ease.

Adminja is the key to really getting your Virtual Assistance business organized, capturing and organizing all of your Tasks, Notes, Files, Bookmarks, Time and Billing in dedicated, color-coded Client Workspaces. 

With drag-and-drop virtual boards to organize everything you manage for each client, you'll not only find what you need at a glance, but you'll soon be breezing through your workload, while onboarding new team members in minutes rather than days!

Manage your teams with simple permissions and seamless delegation.

When you're ready to grow your business, Adminja helps you bring on and manage team members with simple invitations, single-click permissions, and seamless delegation.

Team members only see the Client Workspaces you delegate. And since everything about your client can be found in their workspace, onboarding new members and making sure they alway use the most up-to-date information is a no-brainer. 

Convert your website visitors into paying clients!

From initial contact to sending the first invoice, Adminja's Leadboards will streamline and track your sales process so you can close more deals.

  • Define your own flexible sales process.
  • Configure and track your sales activities.
  • Compose custom lead capture forms that request the information that matters most to you, and embed them directly into your own website!
  • Instantly convert wins into Clients with their own Workspace, ready for invoicing!

"I've tried many project management systems over the years. But I ended my search when I found Adminja"

Sarah Higgins
Helping Hands Virtual Assistants

Always at work, even when you're not logged in.

Hand-in-hand with managing the vast amounts of information on your plate is making sure that everything gets captured. Luckily Adminja has a few helpful tools to get those details into Adminja without interrupting your flow:

Integrate with anything!

Adminja is fully integrated with the Zapier platform for 3rd party integration and automation.

Zapier is a tool that connects applications together for data sharing and automation and supports over 2,000 of the most popular online tools and services. If you or your clients use any other tools in your day-to-day workflow, chances are good that it is supported by Zapier.

Connect Adminja to Zapier and you'll be able to connect Adminja to almost everything else! 

Learn more about Zapier

Save stuff as it happens, with the Capture Chrome Extension.

With the Capture Chrome extension for Adminja you can capture tasks and notes as well as log your time from any webpage, without switching tabs, even if you are not logged in!

Learn more about the Capture Chrome Extension for Adminja

Slay it with Email!

Automatically create Tasks and Notes with a simple Email!

Both you and your clients can take advantage of Adminja's dedicated Workspace Inboxes, a way to send tasks and notes directly to Adminja just by sending an email to your dedicated workspace email address. 

Learn more about Workspace Inboxes

Don't just take our word for it...

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"What I really liked about Adminja versus some of the other systems available, is its simplicity. It's easy to incorporate and saves us a lot of time."

Christina Tegbe,

"When you are building a home you can’t be wrong, and Adminja keeps it all phenomenally on track, and me on point."

Heather Nitch
Founder, WriteWay VA

"I got incredibly frustrated because I was switching between three different systems for task management, time tracking, and invoicing. Adminja brings it all into one system."

Lisa Eden
Founder, The VIrtual Connection UK

"I thought I'd need to hire an operations manager...until I signed up for Adminja."

Lorie Nelson
CEO, Signature Virtual Assistance

It's exciting to watch how my business is growing! I'm hooked!

Karen Kannageissar,
Founder, Lotus Business Resources

"I've tried many project management systems over the years. But I ended my search when I found Adminja"

Sarah Higgins
Helping Hands Virtual Assistants

"If you're ready to increase your productivity, save time and scale your business, Adminja is your answer!"

Tara Ulrich
Virtual Assistant

"Adminja's time tracking is simply the best in the industry!"

Wendy Koss
Virtual Assistant


So, are YOU running your Virtual Assistance business,
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