Meet Adminja,

The all-in-one client management solution designed exclusively for Virtual Assistants.

"I've tried many project management systems over the years.
But I ended my search when I found Adminja "

- Sarah Higgins

Adminja frees up your headspace
so you can actually focus.

If a Virtual Assistant isn't careful, juggling the demands, details and habits of different clients can quickly lead to disorganization, anxiety and a lack of direction.

Adminja puts you back in control by streamlining your workflow and organizing all of your client details, tasks, time and billing in a single secure place.


Adminja makes it easy to add things to the system anytime, anywhere.

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Color-coded virtual boards provide a place for everything while bringing order sanity to the equation.

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Whether you need a simple to-do list or a robust, dynamic system, Adminja's Task management tools work with you.

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Confidence comes with at-a-glance stats for yourself, your client plans and your overall business.

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With everything already in one system, client invoicing feels like a seamless extension, not a painful afternoon.

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Print, download, and email easy-to-understand, flexible time reports

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Say goodbye to routine admin chores with automatic client plan renewals and repeating tasks.

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When you're ready, Adminja makes it easy to invite colleagues, start a team and grow your VA Business.

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"Adminja's time tracking is simply
the best in the industry!"

- Wendy Koss

Adminja's rock-solid multi-timer lets you effortlessly jump from client to client without wasting a second and without losing your place.

You can switch between as many open timers as you need, and they'll persist across sessions, restarts and even devices.

"Adminja has everything in one place!
No need to hop between different programs.

- Lisa Edens

Never Lose a Thing!

Tasks, notes, files, bookmarks and more, Adminja keeps everything organized and at your fingertips.

Projects Not Required

Adminja doesn't force you to set up project lists to log time or manage tasks.

(But, hey, we won't stop you.)

Billing Built for VAs

Auto-renewing billing plans, client plan history and more: Adminja was built with a Virtual Assistant's needs in mind.

Always available,
even when you're not logged in.

The Capture Chrome Extension for Adminja

Always at-the-ready in your browser toolbar,the Capture extension for Chrome sends notes, tasks and time straight to Adminja without forcing you to switch tabs, windows or your train of thought. 

Smart Workspace Inboxes

Automatically create Tasks and Notes with a simple Email!
(Yes, even your clients can join in the fun!)

File them, assign due dates, or add color using simple inline hashtags!

"If you're ready to increase your productivity, save time and scale your business, Adminja is your answer!"

- Tara Ulrich

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use Adminja with my Team?

What's the deal with Workspaces? Can I use them for more than just my Clients?

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About Adminja

Adminja is the product of Openmotive Inc., a Chicago-based digital agency specializing in custom business application development and web management tools since 2006.

Adminja was designed and built on the ideas, suggestions and input from hundreds of Virtual Assistants, and we continually turn to the VA community for new feature ideas, feedback and future roadmap planning. 

If you have ideas on how to make the lives of Virtual Assistants easier, we'd really love to hear about it!  Just drop us a line or reach out to us via Adminja's in-app support.